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Tailored Wedding Suits

The growing trend for couples to marry in a much broader range of locations and the introduction of the 'Civil Partnership Bill' means a more diverse look for weddings is being introduced.

With so many different locations available, the wedding 'look' is extremely varied and the wide choice enables you to choose exactly what’s right for your special occasion.

Wedding Suit Styles

Although the top hat and tailcoat look is still used, the variety of styles and looks are immense.

For that romantic wedding on those far away sun-kissed luxurious islands, the suit is being replaced by bright colours in comfortable cottons and linens to fit the environment and jackets being replaced by waistcoats.

The three-piece suit is still popular but the waistcoats tend to be a different fabric from the suit but still co-ordinating with the colour theme.

Tweeds are very popular for 'Country' weddings with fantastic colourful designs to match the colour theme of the wedding. The groomsmen are also now matching but still keeping the bride and bridegroom the centre of attention.

Wedding Suit Fit

With today's emphasis on keeping our bodies in shape, the fit is so important. Hire is popular but unfortunately they are made to fit most body shapes and therefore to be on the generous side. A Made To Measure garment gives you the fit you require. More grooms are having their outfit made and the rest of the party being hired. After all it is his 'day' as well and should stand out as a couple.

Tailored Wedding Suits

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