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Price is usually top of peoples' concerns for not owning a tailored suit. Too often tailoring is thought of as only for special occasions — most often a wedding.

Our best advice is that the occasion doesn’t have to be special. It needs to be normal. Investing in your business wardrobe will pay dividends every time you put on a suit and feel confident.

Tailor your business wardrobe and make the right impression when it matters.

How many suits do you have? Usually the answer is one or two. How often are they worn? For many people the answer is at least 5 days a week.

How long do your suits last and how often are they replaced? Depending on material choice and your lifestyle, even the best made suits can require replacement after 6-9 months.

Why does a garment only last this long?

  • Too much wear and tear. Fabrics need to recover.
  • Too much dry cleaning
  • Not looked after properly
  • Frequent travelling
  • Not the right fabric for the function of the suit.
  • Not a good investment. Replaced too often and therefore costly.

How long should a suit last? How long is a piece of string? Not long if any of the reasons above apply to your lifestyle.

Depending on your type of employment, Fox Tailoring will advise you on the right fabric, right style and how to get maximum longevity from your garment.

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