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Do you have problems with fit and style?

Do you wonder why certain colours don’t complement you?

Do you feel awkward talking to someone about your image or feel that what you are wearing is not comfortable?

Do you feel that what you wear is not suitable for your lifestyle or your business environment?

Do you want to look amazing?

If any of these common tailoring problems affect you then a consultation with John Parrett and Fox Tailoring is the perfect solution.

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What happens next…?

You will meet with John, who will confidentially discuss with you the problem you have identified. This usually takes an hour or so for the consultation.

Whether it be fit, style, colour or functionality, John will firstly advise you on the fabrics you need to consider for the occasion you have in mind either for a wedding, just social, business, classic, fashion or just to be different.

The product range available is extremely varied… Mens suits, jackets, waistcoats, trousers and shirts as well as Ladies jackets, trousers and skirts.

Style and image will be recommended for your lifestyle, age, body shape, colour and comfort.

Fabrics vary from classic business outfits through to 'wacky and trendy' multi- coloured checks, plains and stripes. Using some of the best cloth merchants in the business such as Scabal of Savile Row, Loro Piana of Italy, Dugdale of Leeds, Harrisons, Bateman & Ogden and Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, to name just a few.

The aim is for the client to leave the showroom with an outfit that he or she is totally satisfied with, is unique to them and not seen anywhere.

It is a total experience that should not be missed and it can be life-changing.

Once fabrics and linings (plain, fancy and wacky) have been selected, styling is the next step.

Styling enables Fox Tailoring to accentuate or camouflage body shapes and this skill is vital to the end result. At the end of the day, it will be the right answer for you. Many measurements will be taken and templates of patterns will be put on you to show the differences good styling will make to your body shape and how it will improve your posture and confidence.

In addition extra detailing can be added to your garment, making it individual, different and unique to you. Each garment is individually cut and made for you.

Whether you are leaving school, college or university or attending your granddaughter’s wedding…


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